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These specialized pads help brighten and even skin tone while providing antioxidants to the skin at the same time. Pads allow for easy and measured application of product on the skin.

Natural ingredients form the basis of these pads, including 2% Kojic acid, Arbutin, and Bearberry. Antioxidants include Silymarin, Ascorbic acid, Emblica, Curcumoids and Green Tea Polyphenols.

A trans-dermal penetration system enhances the absorption of the active ingredients.


Gluten, Alcohol, Acetone, Paraben, and Fragrance Free

Directions: Gently use pads to wipe affected area each evening after face is cleansed (see Soothe). Do not wipe over the same area multiple times in a row. Twice per day application is OK if no irritation is noted with once daily application. For prescription strength brightening pads, you must be seen in the office first.

Ingredients: Kojic acid, Green tea polyphenols, Ascorbic acid, Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract, Silymarin fruit extract, Bearberry leaf extract

Inactive: Water, ethoxydiglycol, Disodium EDTA, phosphoric acid